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Lashing Service: Guarantee of Safe Transportation

Guarantee of Safe Transportation

Lashing service is a critical element that ensures the safe fixing of cargo, especially in maritime transportation. This service aims to ensure that valuable cargo reaches its destination safely by ensuring that the cargo is protected against possible shocks and external factors during transportation.


Lashing is a Method Used to Ensure Security in Transportation

Lashing is a security measure used in freight transportation. It includes various techniques used to secure the cargo within the ship or container. These techniques create a safe transportation process by limiting the movement of the cargo within the ship and protecting it against external factors.


  1. Security: Securing the load helps prevent dangerous situations that may occur during transportation.

  2. Cargo Protection: Lashing protects loads from impacts and shocks, thus preventing damage to valuable products.

  3. TBreaking Efficiency: Correct lashing techniques increase business continuity by optimizing the transportation process.

Importance of Lashing Service?

It is a critical element for safe transportation

Lashing is a critical element to ensure safety in the transportation industry. If loads are not secured or lashed correctly, serious accidents such as sliding or tipping of loads may occur during transportation. Therefore, the lashing process is of great importance for transportation safety.

The Role of Companies Offering Lashing Services?

Reliable Transportation is Provided with Professional Services

Companies offering lashing services offer expertise and experience to ensure the safety of loads during the transportation process. Using professional teams and appropriate equipment, they ensure that loads are secured and transported correctly. In this way, customers can be sure of the safety of their cargo by receiving a reliable transportation service.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Expert Team

We have an experienced team specializing in lashing processes. Our staff has the knowledge and skills required to secure your loads safely.

 Quality Equipment

Our equipment used is of high quality and reliable. We provide safe transportation by using the best and most appropriate equipment to secure your loads.

Security is our priority

The safety of our customers and their cargo is our priority. We fully comply with international safety standards and carry out lashing operations to the highest safety standards.

Flexible and Customer-Focused Approach

Customer satisfaction is important to us. With a flexible approach, we offer customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

Constant Communication and Support

We are in constant communication with our customers throughout the lashing process. By providing information and support at every stage, we ensure that our customers feel safe and informed.

Things to Consider for Lashing?

1. Expertise and Experience

When receiving lashing services, the provider's level of expertise and experience is important. Experienced and trained personnel in the transportation sector provide a safe transportation process by ensuring that the loads are secured correctly.

2. Quality Equipment

The quality of the equipment used for the lashing process is critical for transportation safety. Companies that provide reliable lashing services use the most appropriate equipment for securing loads and maintain them regularly.

3. Compliance with Security Standards

During the lashing process, full compliance with international safety standards is important. Lashing performed in accordance with these standards ensures maximum safety of loads during transportation and helps prevent accidents.

4. Understanding Customer Needs

Lashing service providers must be flexible to understand customers' transportation needs and provide solutions accordingly. A customer-focused approach increases customer satisfaction and ensures successful cooperation.

5. Constant Communication and Monitoring

It is important to be in constant communication before, during and after the lashing process. Customers should be able to constantly monitor the transportation process of their cargo and be informed when necessary. This is essential for a smooth shipping experience.

Lashing Calculations

Determining the Weight and Size of the Load

As a first step, it is important to determine the weight and size of the load to be transported. This information helps determine the correct lashing method and equipment required.

Considering the Transport Environment of the Cargo

The environment in which the load will be transported should also be taken into account in the calculations. For example, the lashing method to be used in sea transportation may differ from the method to be used on land.

Determining Lashing Points

Yükün taşınması sırasında hangi noktalardan lashing yapılacağı belirlenmelidir. Bu noktalar, yükün güvenli bir şekilde sabitlenmesini sağlayacak stratejik noktalardır.

Determining the Required Equipment

Yükün ağırlığına ve taşıma ortamına bağlı olarak, hangi tür lashing ekipmanlarının gerektiği belirlenmelidir. Bu ekipmanlar arasında çelik kayışlar, halatlar, kemerler ve bağlama aparatları bulunabilir.

Calculation of Lashing Power

Lashing power should be calculated depending on the characteristics of the load to be transported. Correct lashing force ensures safe transportation of the load and minimizes possible risks.

Lashing Simple Calculation Method

Lashing calculations are generally based on engineering calculations and maritime safety standards. These calculations include determining the minimum strength and durability required to secure the cargo on the ship. Here's a basic lashing calculation example:

Symbols Used in Load Fixing Calculations:

fz = weight

fx,y = Inertia force

Cx,y = Acceleration from the side and against the direction of travel

μ = Dynamic friction coefficient

ffs = Securing force

F.F. = Friction force

Inertial Force Applied Forward (Fx,y)

The inertial force applied by the load to the forward or side directions is a factor that arises from the movement of the load and affects fixation. This force is calculated by multiplying the weight of the load (Fz) by the acceleration coefficient (Cx,y) acting in the side or forward direction: Fx,y = cx,y · FZ

Friction Force (FF)

It refers to the force resulting from friction between surfaces. This force is calculated by multiplying the weight of the load (Fz) by the coefficient of dynamic friction (μ): FF = μ · FZ

Required Fixing Force (FS)

It refers to the force required to fix the load. This force is calculated as (F - FR), which expresses the difference between the weight of the load (Fz) and the friction force (FF). Here FR is the friction force: FS = F - FR

This example shows a simple lashing calculation process. In real-world applications, more complex calculations and more detailed compliance with maritime safety standards may be required. Therefore, lashing calculations are usually made by experienced engineers or marine experts.

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