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Ambalajlama süreçlerinizi optimize edin


Solutions that Shape with Confidence

AN DENİZCİLİK A.Ş. As, we offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers with a wide range of expertise and experience. Our business processes aim to support our customers in transporting their cargo safely, packaging them overseas and optimizing their logistics processes.


Lashing Services(Load Securing) 

We offer professional and effective fixing solutions to ensure maximum safety while transporting your loads.


Shrink Wrap Packaging Services

Ürünlerinizi dış etkenlere karşı korumanın pratik ve etkili bir yolu olan shrink wrap paketleme ile, sağlam ve profesyonel ambalaj çözümleri sunuyoruz.


VCI Aluminum Packaging Services

Ürünlerinizi korozyona karşı korumanın güçlü bir yolu olan VCI aluminyum paketleme ile, dayanıklı ve etkili ambalaj çözümleri sunuyoruz.


Crate and Palletizing Services

We offer professional crating and palletizing solutions to optimize your logistics processes and store your products safely.

Why U.S ?

Experienced Team:

We offer you the best service with our many years of experience in the sector.

Profesyonel ambalajlama hizmetleri

Technological Infrastructure

We offer effective solutions using current technology.

Customer happiness

We always prioritize customer satisfaction and offer special solutions.

High Standards of Service

When you choose to work with us, you will ensure the security of your business as well as receiving high standards of service. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We thank you.

Güvenilir ve kaliteli ambalajlama

Quality and Trust

We are a pioneer in the industry with our high quality standards and reliable service approach. The quality control processes we meticulously apply at every stage ensure that you receive your cargo safely.

Our Business Partnership

AN DENİZCİLİK A.Ş. As, we would like to establish a business partnership with you. We protect your loads safely with our professional packaging and load securing services. Work with us, leave worries about your burdens behind.

Professional Packaging Solutions: We Support Our Customers as the Leader of the Industry with Our Reliable and Quality Services

As AND Load Securing and Packaging Services, we aim to meet the needs of our customers with the solutions we offer in a wide range. We offer quality and reliable packaging solutions to our customers with our various services such as industrial shrink wrap packaging, VCI aluminum packaging, crating and palletizing. We work with our team of experts to help our customers secure their products safely and optimize their logistics processes. With our customer-oriented approach, we aim to contribute to the success of our business partners by offering tailored solutions to the needs of each of our customers. We work to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our professional approach, high quality standards and constantly innovative solutions. With our experience and expertise in the sector, we provide our customers with reliable and effective packaging services, enabling them to continue their business safely.


Combination of Trust and Experience


Customer Focused  Service Concept


Strong Partnership and Resources


Fast and Reliable Service


Continuous Innovation and Development

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