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Our story

Success Story of AN DENİZCİLİK A.Ş.

AN DENİZCİLİK A.Ş.'s success story has been shaped by its solution-oriented approach to the challenges in the sector, the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction and its continuous improvement efforts. We continue to grow by providing service to more customers every day and adding value to the sector. Load Securing is a company that stands out with its many years of experience and strong areas of expertise in the Overseas Packaging and Packaging industry. Our organization adopts reliability, quality and customer satisfaction as its basic principles.

Many Years of Experience and Strong Areas of Expertise

Lashing (Load Securing) is a company that stands out with its many years of experience and strong areas of expertise in the Overseas Packaging and Packaging industry. Our organization adopts reliability, quality and customer satisfaction as its basic principles.


With Customer-Focused Service Approach

The main mission of our company is to help our customers secure their loads safely and effectively, package their products safely with industrial shrink wrap packaging services, provide protection against corrosion with VCI aluminum packaging services, and support them in optimizing their logistics processes with crating and palletizing services.

İnovatif ambalajlama çözümler
Müşteri memnuniyetini ön planda tutuyoruz


A Pioneering Vision in the Load Securing, Packaging and Packaging Industry

AN DENİZCİLİK A.Ş. As, we set out with our core values that shape our corporate identity and built our leading position in the sector on solid foundations. Our vision is focused on creating a sustainable impact in the services we provide to our customers and leading the transformation of the industry.

Our journey



In the Load Securing, Packaging and Packaging Industry Since 2006: A Successful Maritime Story



Embracing a Full Corporate Identity in 2014: Rising to the Top from Maritime to Load Securing, from Packaging to Packaging


Combination of Trust and Experience


Customer Focused Lashing Services


Strong Partnership and Resources


Fast and Reliable Service


Continuous Innovation and Development

As AND Load Securing and Packaging Services, we act in line with the basic principles and values we have determined while conducting our business. We care about our responsibilities towards our customers, employees and society and operate around the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction - Business Ethics - Quality and Excellence - People Orientation - Innovation and Continuous Improvement - Social Responsibility

Our quality policy

As AND Load Securing and Packaging Services, we are committed to always keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and adhering to high quality standards. To exceed our customers' expectations and gain their trust, we adhere to the following principles:

  1. Customer Focus: We constantly strive to understand our customers' needs and expectations and provide them with the best service. Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business.

  2. High Quality Standards: We strictly adhere to quality control processes to constantly improve and maintain the quality of our products and services at the highest level. Quality is our priority at every stage of our business.

  3. Expertise and Professionalism: We aim to offer the best solutions to our customers by working with a specialized and experienced team in their field. Professionalism is one of the cornerstones of our business and provides credibility to our customers.

  4. Continuous improvement: We constantly review our business processes, identify and implement improvement opportunities. Continuous improvement is an important element to increase the quality and efficiency of our business.

  5. Environmental awareness:We strive to minimize environmental impacts in our activities and adhere to the principle of sustainability. Environmental awareness is a value we embrace as part of our business.

In line with this quality policy, we will continue to provide the best service to our customers and aim for excellence in every aspect of our business.

AND Company Occupational Health and Safety Policy

AND Firması olarak, iş sağlığı ve güvenliğini en üst düzeyde tutarak, çalışanlarımızın sağlığını ve güvenliğini korumayı ve çalışma ortamımızı sürekli iyileştirmeyi taahhüt ediyoruz. Bu doğrultuda, aşağıdaki hususların sürekli teminini sağlıyoruz:

  • İşçi sağlığı ve güvenliği risklerini ortadan kaldırmak için gerekli önlemleri alıyoruz.

  • İSG konularında sürekli iyileştirme sağlayarak, çalışma ortamımızı daha güvenli hale getiriyoruz.

  • İSG ile ilgili yasal mevzuat ve düzenlemelere tam uyum sağlıyoruz.

  • Tüm çalışanlarımızı ve taşeron çalışanlarımızı iş sağlığı ve güvenliği konusunda bilinçlendirme amacıyla düzenli eğitimler veriyoruz.

  • İSG politikamızı periyodik olarak gözden geçirerek, gerektiğinde güncelliyoruz.

  • İşçi sağlığı ve güvenliğinin sürekli gelişimini desteklemek için İSG deneyimlerimizi paylaşıyoruz.

  • Tüm kazaların önlenebilir olduğuna inanıyor ve Sıfır Kaza Politikası doğrultusunda sürekli kendimizi geliştirerek bu hedefe ulaşacağımıza inanıyoruz.

Bu politika doğrultusunda, çalışanlarımızın ve tüm paydaşlarımızın sağlığı ve güvenliği için kararlı bir şekilde çalışmaya devam edeceğiz.

Our Company Founder Captain Alkan ÇAĞLAR

Growing up in Beykoz Anadolu Kavağı fishing village, Captain Alkan Çağlar grew up with an interest in fishing and maritime at a young age. While he was doing his military service as a Marine in 1985, he served as a diver and reinforced his passion for maritime in this process. After his military service, he started diving professionally and continued his career in this field for 10 years. During this period, he was also active in diving in Anadolu Kavağı and pioneered people to have a profession.

In addition to his Fishman license, Captain Çağlar, who has a Limited Watch Officer Captain's license, has a comprehensive knowledge by experiencing different disciplines in the maritime field. He served as captain of Düzgit Agency engines and also served as captain of yachts. In 1994, he started working as a master sailor on fast ferries at İDO and was promoted to the position of chief, where he served for 12 years. Captain Çağlar, who carried out lashing works through surveillance companies in 2002 while working at İDO, turned to lashing works professionally after retiring from İDO. .

Captain Çağlar is a name that brings his expertise in the maritime sector to this field. As a corporate company, it offers lashing and packaging services and works meticulously with its team to ensure that the loads are transported safely and securely.

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